Night Of Secrets

Love above duty or duty above love?


Windwhistler has been gone for sixteen long years, the Princess up and disappeared without a word or explanations, and the whole Kingdom feared the worst.


Windwhistler is back, older and wiser, and the chemistry between her and Antonio is still as strong as the day they were parted. But can she accept her new life and the duty that lies before her or will she choose to give it all up and leave again?


Antonio has waited a long time to claim his bride that had disappeared, but as the secrets that surround that fateful night long ago surface the truth emerges.


Fate has reunited them years later with a passion that can't be denied. Will Windwhistler do what is right and take the route of duty or will she stand up for the love that she has and do it her way and not the way that is being dictated to?

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